Sunday, 29 April 2012

Do I have to?

well, i dont have much things to write in here. 
just to remind u guys.
if u think im perfect enough to be ur friend.
then be.
if dont.
then, dont.
if dont, but u already be my friend.
just leave me.
its never gonna be worst than this.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

its my 19TH BIRTHDAY!

these are my friends that already prank me last night! 
the best prank ever!
the prank is...
a pail.. full of....
air sabun+colgate+softener..
baby johnson talcum!
fortunately, its very harrruuumm!
and seriously, very the merry sejuk eh smalam..
menggigil-gigil taw.. 
but then, thanks guys! mmg best sgt malam tadi! :D

beginilah keadaan budak yg comel ny.. :p


my burfday in the morning.
got phone call from beloved mum and dad.
they sang happy birthday to me!
thanks mak and babah!
they take me "Kenduri Kahwin".
snapping picta here and there with my beloved sistah and not forgotten.. my mother!

andd.. this is me.. 
the cutest burfday girl. :p

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

to my lovely mum. :)

dear my beloved mom, happy birthday!
I love you soooo much mom..
sorry for not being with you in your birthday. 
   i just can make you this simple wish..
I miss you.. mmuahx!

sincerely from your daughter.
Nurul Farahana Najwa bt Rafizi. :)

the time with the girls!

dah 2-3 hari ny, sejak belajar main killer..
asek maen aje..
wahh.. dadah terbaru..
kalau sape2 yg taw main killer ny..
mesti dye taw pkai kad ape kann..
it should be this card!

but then, we played with this card!!

cute aren't we?
very the merry riuh bilik 2b yang dibuat oleh mulut2 riuh makcik2 ny..
*malas nak edit, tgk muke sorang2 pon boleh eyh. hehe*

ada lagi actually.. tp. pix nye yg xde.. tp, seriously..
best sgt! good game girls!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

to all who knows me. :)

firstly, im really sorry if my behavior doesnt make u comfortable.
seriously, this is me. 
really me.
if u really wants to be my friend as sincere as u can.
accept me as who i am NOT what i am.
friend, im not as FIERCE as u think.
its actually not fierce.. its FIRM.
so please.. oh please..


secondly, when we (friend) have any problem. 
just tell me.
is it so hard to tell me? 
why oh why?
im not gonna eat u. 
im also not gonna kill u.
we ARE friends right?
anything u can discuss with me.
I am not the person who can not be discussed.
please understand the meaning of FRIENDSHIP guys. 


last but not least, im write this not just for friend who knows me. even my muhd amsyar ramli still cant understand me. maybe, MAYBE im difficult to be understand. but, i dont think so. i might be a BIT ego. but, that ego makes me knows what life is. how people treat me. please people, if u dont like me to be ur friend, remove me from ur life, ur FB, ur MYSPACE, ur FRIENDSTER and blablabla.

just that, until we meet again. :)

until then, I just can be who I am. :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012


aku tak beharap kau pujuk aku. aku cuma nak kau sedar.


well hello there world!
ape nak cakap actually is, 
when people starts changing..
if the changing is the positive one..
its okay, but then if it is negative?
guys, changing urself is not the wrong thing..
but please..
change to be  better person..
not changing to be annoying person until...
anybody who knows u start feeling something wrong somewhere..
the feeling of AWKWARDNESS starts haunting the people who being with u.
guys please, if that thing happen.
anytime, please oh please..
change to be better person.
the better u can be, the more and merrier people love to be around u.
its not easy to change into better person.
but trying is okay than do nothing.
changing takes time.
but, its okay if the time u starts changing the things will be better.
its not the environment that change u.
its urself to decide why u are changing.

Sunday, 1 April 2012


what a busy day yesterday..
but.. fun!
last sem i became a participant of english camp.
this is the prove.

so, this semester.. 
im not going to be the participant anymore!
im the facilitator for yesterday's English Camp!! yuhuu! :D
dont believe it?
so, this is another prove.

ok? believe it now?
the best thing is i am the facilitator of the 6th group!
we called ourselves as the GORGEOUS GREEN!
the first activity is making their COAT OF ARM.
coat of arm means that they have to make their group logo.
so, this is the prove that my group teamwork is gooooodd..
they made it by themselves and seriously, i envy them for their drawing talents!
look at what they had drawn.
i dont have any idea what are they going to draw.
look at this.

this plain manila card transform into this incredible logo!

incredible isnt it?
great job by them! 
yuhuu!! :D
the second task for them is to present their choral speaking reading.
choral reading is easier than choral speaking.
they can hold the paper that they need to present at the stage.
i dont have the pix.
but, i do have the video..
unfortunately, the video is too big to put in here. :(
the third task, MOVIES MAKING MEANING!
the best part of the english camp!
they need to think about 7 letters word, give the meaning and...
act it!
that is a very fun activity!
again, i do have the videos..
but cant upload it..
at the end of the english camp..
my GORGEOUS GREEN got 2 prizes..
the third place for the movies making meaning..
the second place for their choral reading!
until we meet again.
glad to be ur facilitator.